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Created in 2014, the activites of Novamet are R&D, process optimization and software development for thermo-mechanical processes and phase transformations. 


Novamet has a team of highly qualified professionals with solid expertise and international exposure on materials engineering, industrial processes, IP protection, software development, management, finance and business growth.


Novamet cooperates closely with academic institutes (direct access to EPFL) and has an outstanding network in aluminium industries Novamet has developed over the past four years a unique optimizer for melting processes: SmartMelt. 

Our Mission

To supply innovative process optimizer solutions to enhance the efficiency of complex industrial thermal processes. Within the frame of Industry 4.0 initiatives, Novamet solutions will be the key element towards digitalisation and environmentally sustainable operations.

Our Vision

We will be the global supplier of innovative and data-driven process controlling and process optimization platforms based on digital twins technology and artificial intelligence


Dr. Amin Rostamian
Co-founder and Director

PhD in materials science (EPFL, 2009), 6 years of professional experiences in R&D, product development, industrialization and lean transformation in aluminium industry and 5 years of business development.

PhD in physics from EPFL (1979), professor at the Materials Institute of EPFL (1990-2015), emeritus professor and independent consultant. Co-founder of Calcom in 1991, the first start-up on the EPFL campus, sold to the French group ESI in 2003. Fellow of TMS, ASM and IOP and recipient of more than 20 international awards.

Prof. Michel Rappaz
Jean-Luc Desbiolles
Software Developer

MS in physics from EPFL (1975). 30 years of experience in development of high-performance numerical simulation software. Co-founder of Calcom-ESI.

PhD in materials science (EPFL, 2009), 9 years of professional experiences in R&D, quality and customer services management.

Mario Salgado
Project Management
Prof. Jean-Marie Drezet
R&D and Product Developer

PhD in Materials science (EPFL, 2000). 20 years of professional experience in thermo-mechanical modelling of industrial process. Prof. Drezet teaches Continuum Mechanics, Metals and Alloys and Finite Element Method at EPFL and has been awarded with several international awards.

CFC of Electronics and Bachelor of Science from HEIG-VD. Experienced project manager and full-stack software developer, specialist in industrial automation and web services applications. 

Adrien Bigler
Web Architecture Developer
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