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Novamet proposes high quality and added-value consultancy projects and services to our customers in the fields of materials and industrial processes with focus on optimization, innovation and in-depth analytics.


Numerical Simulations
  • Numerical simulations of industrial processes using models adapted for thermophysical phenomena and fluid mechanics. 

  • Numerical simulations of phase transformations and microstructure formation put into relation with thermodynamic calculations. 


Metallurgical Analysis
  • New Materials Development

  • Improvement of mechanical properties, surface properties, etc.

  • Characterization of materials and interpretation of results.

Process Optimization
  • Quality improvement and increase of process efficiency

  • Approach LEAN applied to the development of innovative products

  • In-depth statistical analysis of production data

  • Continuous Improvement and Projects Management

Feasibility Studies
  • Literature and patent review


  • Research of data pertinent for materials and processes (phase diagrams, physical and mechanical properties, etc)

  • Feasibility studies and experimental validation

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