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AI-powered digital twin to enhance aluminum melting efficiency

SmartMelt acts like a GPS and guides the operator throughout the process to make the best decisions at the best moment

Which problem?

Currently aluminum melting process is highly dependent on human decisions, causing process inefficiencies & variabilities

What our clients have achieved?


Productivity increase in average

  • Proposes optimal next steps to the operator, reducing variability

  • Provides visibility on process deviations, enabling continuous improvements


Energy savings
& CO2 reduction

  • Reduces unnecessary manipulations (e.g., door opening)

  • Avoids unnecessary waiting time by predicting end of cycle


Robust solution, with +100'000h of operation 

  • Operating since 2019, we have installed SmartMelt on 12 furnaces

  • Our installed base, spreads across EU and US on furnace sizes ranging from 24t to 110t capacity

How SmartMelt looks like?

Simple and intuitive user interface

Graphical process overview


KPIs overview

Next process steps to perform

How SmartMelt works?

Want to know more?

Download our
latest presentation

SmartMelt Intro screenshot.png
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