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Innovative digital solutions to optimize complex industrial thermal processes

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A Data-Driven Process Optimizer for Aluminium Melting Operations

What our customers say...

"SmartMelt is operating at our 30 tonnes furnace in Chippis, Switzerland, since February 2019, running very smoothly, bringing already satisfaction to the operators and supervisors. The new approach in furnace operation is helping us to achieve safer loading practices, energy consumption reduction and overall more efficient melting cycles. We are eager to implement it in other casthouses of the group!"

Marc Bertherat, Casting Technical Assistance Manager



SmartMelt, a solution for Aluminium melting processes based on a digital-twin furnace which combines very efficient numerical calculations with on-line data acquisition.


Like a GPS, the model predicts the future state of the system and guide all operational sequences while adapting to influences of past events.

SmartMelt enables our customers to cross the bridge towards Industry 4.0 while driving environmentally sustainable operations.


Projects and Services


We offer innovative solutions to our customer's issues  with our unique expertise and know-how on the following fields:

  • Development of advanced materials and industrial processes.

  • Advanced statistical analysis and process optimization.

  • Numerical simulation of thermo-mechanical processes.


Learn which customers Novamet has supported in order to jointly achieve their goals.


We are active in the field of Aluminium, Steel and Precious Metals. 

Discover our multiple sponsors, industrial and academic partners.


About Novamet

Created in 2014 as a spin-off of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérlae de Lausanne by Dr. Amin Rostamian and Prof. Michel Rappaz, the purpose of Novamet is to actively contribute to the global industrial transition towards Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Processes.


With an approach based on Digitalization and Cut-Edge Analytics, we concentrate our efforts on characterizing and quantifying performance of those areas on materials dowwnstream operations that remain inaccessible to operators, process engineers and corporate managers.



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